About Adam

Writing has always been a hobby for Adam, from the grade school stories of killer desserts through the unspeakably sappy poetry of a high school hopeless romantic to the sci-fi stories of a naïve university optimist.

In his professional life, Adam has played many characters, but never quite found a home. At some point, he realized having a great wealth of experience meant having a great wealth of stuff and nonsense to write about. Being somewhat capable of stringing letters together to make words, he decided to turn his hobby into a writing career.

The journey has been long: up a treacherous mountain, in the bitter cold, through fog with clandestine aspirations, snow with murderous inclinations, and mountain goats with bad tempers, but has been more enjoyable than many of his other pursuits.

Adam writes fantasy novels and short stories, from middle grade to YA to adult. Also, he occasionally writes poetry.

A bit more…

Adam spent his childhood in the small Canadian town of Waterford.

Waterford was one of the first towns in Canada to have electric lights, but shortly before the turn of the 20th century, everything of note burned down. Waterford’s current claim to fame is the annual Pumpkinfest.

Currently he lives in Ottawa with his lovely wife, two wonderful children, and a cat name Tyche, most of whom are highly supportive of his writing career.