Retrospective: Attack of the Killer Desserts

Chapter 3: Getting Rid of Most of Them

               “O.K. guys,” said Sean when they were on the biggest hill at Ada B. “We need a plan of attack. See that orange tunnel in the sand? We’ll start from there.”

               “O.K. here we are,” Spencer said when they were in the tunnel. “So what do we do now?”

               “Wait for the desserts,” Sean answered.

               “Here they come,” Adam said.

               “Get ready,” Justin said.

               “Duck!” Spencer suddenly yelled as the watermelon shot its seeds which reflected off the side of the tunnel. The marshmallow bag did the same.

               Adam and Justin got out of the tunnel and threw the pumpkin carving knives at the pumpkins. They all fell down dead. The carrots and ice cream gave up and trampled away.

               “How are we supposed to get rid of them?” Sean questioned.

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