Ribbon Road

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“Find your mother!” Barbara’s uncle shouts, moments before he hurls her into a wormhole.

Barbara shut out the world the day her mother didn’t come back. She doesn’t need more worlds to contend with, but the multiverse is stuffed full of them — all connected by the wormhole called the Ribbon Road. Looking for answers about herself and why she was abandoned, Barbara hops between worlds, following a trail of clues left by her mother.

On a dying world, she meets Agrik, a lost boy gifted with healing magic. Barbara discovers her own power: the ability to amplify magic, from other people and from the world around her. But using her talent means trusting others again. And powerful magic attracts powerful enemies. Assassins in white, angry alien raiders, and a sentient black hole are all willing to stop fighting each other to get a piece of Barbara’s ability — or kill her in the process.

An inter-dimensional war separates Barbara and her mother. If she can learn to cooperate and trust, Barbara could bring peace to the multiverse and reunite with the mother she lost. And, maybe, save herself.

What the characters have to say…


“You probably have something better to do, like read Shakespeare or the Silmarillion or something.”


“You need to read this.
Because I’m in it.”


“Would you believe there are only four languages in this book? The author could have done better.”


“‘Book’ grinne-ewl?”