Door to Portal: A Salesman’s Story

Based loosely on my father’s stories of his brief experience as a young door-to-door vacuum salesman, and the hopelessness he encountered in his potential customers. But where my father could do little to help with a vacuum, I wanted to place my salesman in a position where he could truly make a difference.

Door to Portal placed third in the short story category of the 2022 National Capital Writing Contest, and received the highest rating (three stars) from the 2022 Tangent Online Reading List!

Free to read online in DreamForge Anvil Issue 10 – or available in print via Amazon in DreamForge Magazine issue 11.

Will Destroy for Food

Will Destroy for Food is a metaphor for our treatment of ‘other’, from the eyes of an unusual protagonist.

Placing third in the short story category of the 2021 National Capital Writing Contest, Will Destroy for Food is published alongside the other contest finalists in the Building Community anthology, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Authors Association.

It has also been reprinted in the wonderful anthology Summer of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Volume Two, by Worldstone Publishing.