On Writing

On Writing expresses the author’s journey, both in terms of the toil of the writing process and the decision to become an author.

Winning an honourable mention in the poetry category of the 2021 National Capital Writing Contest, On Writing is published alongside the other contest finalists in the Building Community anthology, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Authors Association.

No, not even a candle, not even a lux. A spark? I see you.
I saw you. Glimpsed you. Held you briefly but you slipped like wax,
Like sap from the maple you ran and stopped as
My mind thawed and froze
And thawed again in sunlight.
Now I see you. Behold! Your beauty a range of quantum states
Upon an empty cosmos unworked in the hands of a creator
With a plan taking shape as the first matter coalesces
Into atoms, elements, molecules and galaxies
Bursting full of newborn starlight.
By glimmer wrought by long night wrung by sleepless
Amber glow of good cognac, I drink as the glowing smile on my face
Seeps onto my canvas and threads together a tapestry of medieval brilliance
— but no cathedral yet, no heavenly wonder of wood and stone, just
A creaky foundation full of cracks that leak
And let in daylight.
And again, and again, tilling soil, cutting chaff, I plant
And wait and harvest and plant again from the work
Of calloused fingers, fingers of stone, that spring into mountains
Skyward, higher and higher, I climb through thinning air
Above the clouds and at the last you and I are brought into

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