Writing a novel is a huge undertaking, especially your first novel and doubly when writing is not your full-time job. It’s important to celebrate all the little milestones along the way, and realize that any progress towards your goal is progress, even when it feels like you’re stepping back.

It’s also important to think about how far you’ve come. The more you work at it, the more your writing will improve. Looking back at some of your older works can show you just how much you’ve improved.

In that spirit, here are two works written by me as a developing writer. Enjoy!

Attack of the Killer Desserts

During a picnic, four kids are surprised to discover their desserts have come to life. They must work together and come up with inventive solutions to save the town and themselves from being eaten.

Written in: 1992 (grade 4, age 10)

The Downfall of the Gods

Two space-racers turned soldiers must travel back to Ancient Greece to stop a time traveller from destroying the Gods and all of history.

Written in: 1997 (grade 10, age 15)