Downfall of the Gods

Two space-racers turned soldiers must travel back to Ancient Greece to stop a time traveller from destroying the Gods and all of history.

Written in: 1997 (grade 10, age 15)

Written for an English assignment on mythology, This story is heavily influenced by things my fifteen-year-old geeky self was into at the time: Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lego (particularly space-themed Lego from the late 80s and early 90s).

I’ve started, at this age, to build character depth, but so much it is told through exposition (“telling”, rather than “showing”). I’ve written long paragraphs of overly-specific description and character back-story, rather than allowing these to come out in dialogue or through the plot.

Also, I’ve done a thorough proof-reading of this for readability, something my teenage self completely failed to grasp the importance of.


               History has always been a mystery to man. We spend millions of dollars on archeological digs, museums, and research. Time travel has also been inspiring; however, it has not been developed. The concept has always held too much danger. What if humans could find a path into history? One could change and ultimately destroy the past, present, and future. The year is 2782 CE, and the first and primitive time travel has fallen into the wrong hands …