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Tyche’s Story

On a chilly afternoon in early November, a three-week old kitten crawled out of our hedge and into our family.

At the time, my wife and three-year-old son were digging the last of our carrots from our garden. The little grey ball of fur came right up to them, mewing, and then proceeded to follow my wife around until she picked her up and brought her in to me.

A three-week old kitten should not be apart from its mother, but we couldn’t find any signs of any other cats. At first, we thought of putting the cat back in the hedge in the hopes her mother would return, but she refused to stay.

Later that evening, we found another kitten, nearly identical to the first but missing the white spot on the end of her tail. This time, however, we also saw an adult cat, definitely a female. We left the kittens in the hedge and put out some food hoping to help the whole family*. When we returned, only Tyche remained in the hedge, and again came right out to us. Worried, we took her in for the night.

At first, we had to bottle feed her, as well as stimulate her to use the litterbox. I am immensely thankful to The Kitten Lady and her amazing videos on youtube to help us through these early stages.

But kittens grow quickly, and it wasn’t long before she was romping around the house on her own, eating kitten food, using the litter, and chasing our other two cats around.

My wife started calling her Tiny Kitten, a name that stuck for about a week but was quickly abbreviated to TK. I’ve always preferred naming cats after historical or mythological figures – our two other cats are Cleopatra and Sparta – so I made up a quick shortlist of ancient goddesses of fortune, fate, and luck. The Greek goddess Tyche won, both voted on by our son and sounding the closest to TK.

Now four months old, Tyche is a wonderful, sweet kitten. She plays with both our children and has won over Sparta, our orange tabby, and even started to win over Cleo. Full of energy, sometimes she keeps us up at night, but always she keeps us smiling.

I’ll update from time to time on her story and how she’s doing. For now, here are some pictures to show how quickly she’s grown since we found her.

*Our neighbours discovered this second kitten on their doorstep later that evening, and have taken her in.

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  1. Awwww, such a lovely soft-furred little beastie she is. I hope the mother is well, but at least you know the kits are safe and being looked after.

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